Dental Email Marketing


Dental Email MarketingDental Email Marketing is the use of engaging emails to promote a dental practices services profitably. Emails are one of the most economical ways for dentists to connect with their patients. Most dentists have partially embraced email marketing predominantly for reminding patients of their appointments.

However email marketing can help you attract new patients to your practice, it can help you retain and engage those you already have in your practice and most importantly it’s a great channel to sell more of your services to your patients.
Research shows a message is 5 times more likely to be seen through email than on other channels such as social media.

At Dental Business Butlers we understand the importance the role email plays in people’s lives and for dental practices like yours . We will employ email marketing strategies, where appropriate, to help you achieve your objective.

Benefits of Dental Email Marketing:

  • Low Cost: The most obvious benefit of email marketing is the low cost compared to other mainstream channels of communication.
  • High Return On Investment: This generates a great return on investment and the Direct Marketing Association stated that for every £1 spent on email marketing up to £40 is generated.
  • Immediacy: With emails typically being picked up on mobile devices using email marketing a dental practice could see quicker results based on the objectives.
  • Segmentation: With proper planning and correct data collection email marketing can be targeted specifically at patients that are more interested in a particular service compared to others.

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