Lead Generation Service

Lead Generation Service

Lead Generation Service

Lead generation

A guaranteed number of cosmetic treatment leads or your money back!

Dental Business Butlers believe we have mastered the science of attracting cosmetic treatment patients through affordable marketing. This is something we have been working on for 8 years, tried and tested with real practices and have achieved proven results.

You decide which cosmetic dental treatments you would like leads for and we will provide you with an agreed number of leads each month. We define a lead as: a qualified prospective patient, who is starting to exhibit buying behaviour. That is filling a web form and providing contact details or providing contact details via telephone.

You’ve invested everything in your practice. Whether you are trying to make a new practice profitable or determined to take your established practice to the next level, This is the proven Dental Marketing process you can rely on to get impressive, measurable results fast.

Why should use the lead generation service?

Just imagine a flood of enthusiastic new patients calling, emailing, and stopping by.

1. They are delighted to know you can provide the cosmetic expertise they want.

2. Prospects are motivated and ready to book an appointment now.

3. You have a steady flow of new patients, who will hopefully become frequent return customers.

4. This new surge of income becomes a continuous stream of fresh profits that continue month after month steadily growing in the years to come.

You are an expert in Cosmetic Treatment. You have spent years in education and training and have years of practical on the job experience. Don’t you deserve to have the same level of expertise in a dental marketing expert?

As a business owner, you surely understand we wouldn’t have been in business for this long if we gave all the money back. We can make this unusually generous offer because we have mastered the science of attracting quality cosmetic treatment patients. We use affordable marketing to achieve this. Over the years, we have perfected our strategies with actual practices like yours. YOU get the results you need – guaranteed!